About HNG

At HNG Tech, we are passionate about seeing young developers grow as we bridge the gap between learning to code and becoming the best in the world. We find the most talented African developers and give them the opportunity to excel. With us, there are no limits to achieving your aim.

Building talents across the continent

The intern coders are introduced to complex programming frameworks, and get to work on real world software. The finalists are connected to the best companies in the tech ecosystem and get full time jobs and contracts immediately.

How the Internship works

Anyone can join by signing up. No exam needed.

Interns are assigned tasks weekly, which helps them learn important concepts quickly.

Interns are introduced to complex programming frameworks.

Interns get to work on real-world applications that scale.

Finalists are connected to the best tech companies for full-time jobs and contracts.

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Increased rate of learning

The interns are given tasks that are more focused on real-world experiences, which helps them gain new knowledge at a faster pace. This also helps identify the most committed and driven interns while helping them harness their skills better.

Get paid to learn

Interns get paid on a weekly basis based on their performance. This is an opportunity to earn while learning and gaining quality experience.

Connect and network

The HNG Internship also serves as a tech community. It is available 24/7 for participants to discuss and network with each other.

Technological approach

We combine technology with a well-proven education system of learning to mentor interns and help them grow which in turn advances the ecosystem.