Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on HNG 7.0

A Remote internship that enables you learn or improve skill by working on real-world projects

Follow @hnginternship on twitter for more information about the starting date (Check countdown on homepage)

Benefits upon completion include access to HNG network comprising of past finalists, improving your portfolio (via the product/project you worked on), access to job opportunities and occasional data stipends depending on performance during the internship

About 3 months.

Learning new things is the spice of the world, and this internship is medium to try out something new.

Yes, Certifcates are awarded to the finalists

Numerous job opportunities will be offered for those who make it to the final stage.

Mentors can be contacted privately for guidance during the internship.

Every week new projects are assigned to interns as tasks to complete and present to be promoted to the next stage.

Meetups will be held where mentors around your region will be available to answer to any question.

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